What kind of war the USA is preparing against Russia

We keep reporting on how the situation in Ukraine politically, but also militarily in the Donbas, has intensified since Joe Biden took office as U.S. president.

What kind of war the USA is preparing against Russia

Everything points to an imminent Ukrainian offensive,

and in Kyiv, the opposition and the last media critical of the government are being eliminated at the same time. Meanwhile, new arms shipments continue to arrive in Ukraine from the United States. I report on this regularly in my "Ukraine Updates," the latest of which you can find here.

And you don't hear a word about all this in the Western media. It is not even reported in the West that Kyiv has already openly abandoned the Minsk Agreement. And the fact that the Western states, including Germany, recently voted at the OSCE against a simple resolution calling for the implementation of the Minsk Agreement, the "quality media" did not report either.

The West is also already openly turning away from the peace plan for the Donbas. But the new fierce war is supposed to come as a complete surprise to the public in the West and, of course, the media will accuse Russia of having started the war.

In the program "News of the Week" on Russian television, the presenter in a commentary put one and one together and mentioned the possible scenarios we translated it:

The scale of the war is not really clear yet, but America hopes, first, that it can control the scale of a military conflict. Second, it hopes that war, as in times past, will not touch United States territory. And third, the United States hopes that a war will benefit it, as usual. At least that was the case in the two world wars, after which America, having shed little blood of its own, was swimming in wealth while both allies and adversaries were in a much worse position.

Now it looks like America is up to something similar. And there is a phenomenon that demonstrates that quite convincingly. We are talking today about the words that prepare for war, plant in minds the thoughts of the inevitability of conflict, and name in advance the culprits. These words are heard much more frequently since the arrival of the new administration in the United States. And in Europe, one hears their echo.

"Russia is a dangerous neighbor!" EU chief diplomat Josep Borrell said before the start of the NATO ministerial meeting in Brussels. By the way, recently in Moscow Borrell behaved decently, but now in Brussels, he parroted everything in the presence of US Secretary of State Blinken.

And this is Anthony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, in Brussels. "We will take decisive action against Russian aggression, against actions that undermine our alliances," the politician said.

What Russian aggression is Blinken talking about? NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg deciphers the puzzle: "Despite years of pressure and efforts to engage Russia in constructive dialogue, Russia is reinforcing the pattern of its repressive behavior inside the country and its aggressive behavior outside its borders. NATO countries have pointed to Russia's disinformation and propaganda, its attempts to influence elections, cyberattacks, and use of chemical weapons against political opponents both inside and outside Russia."

Interestingly, this is all unsubstantiated, but it's repeated so often that we're supposed to get used to it. And then there's the U.S. President's National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan: "We believe that relations with Russia are in for a difficult time. They will face serious challenges. They're going to demand that America defend its interests."

In psychology, there is the concept of "projection," when a person projects his fears, his desires, and his intentions from himself onto others, effectively attributing to another what he himself has in his heart. This is exactly the kind of projection that Putin compared to a childhood story in response to Biden's insults: As you call others, so you are yourself. The same is now true of Russia's "aggression" that we hear about so often and obsessively from the West. And in my opinion, Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of the Russian Security Council, has correctly dissected the American rhetoric.

"My American colleague James Sullivan predicts difficult days ahead for the United States in its relations with Russia.

This is not the first such statement by U.S. officials. We know this, but I want to emphasize that if they're predicting it, they're planning it. And if they plan it, they can implement it. But then they will be responsible for the actions that follow," Patrushev said.

And as a follow-up, U.S. Defense SecretaryGeneral Lloyd Austin on the Senate floor: "The primary objective of U.S. relations with the Russian Federation in the area of security should be to deter Russia from actions against the vital interests of the United States, including by protecting our allies from military aggression."

Again, Russian aggression. At the same time, America is preparing aggression. Right now there are two American missile cruisers hanging around in the Black Sea. What are they doing here? On the other side of the world as seen from them. And overall, the activity of the NATO Navy off our coasts has increased many times over in the last year. These data were given by the Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov, and he added that "the number of U.S. strategic air force flights near the Russian state border has also increased." As for the reconnaissance aircraft, their attendance has increased

And this after the NATO expansion eastward to our borders in conditions where the defense budget of the "aggressive" Russia is one-seventeenth of the American one!

And the military budget of the NATO countries together, which so demonstratively tremble before Russia, amounts to more than one trillion dollars per year, which is 23 times more than ours! Is the level of corruption there that unimaginable, or is it an unimaginable level of paranoia? Most likely, there is preparation for war in these incredible figures of military budgets of our potential friends.

Are the NATO countries going to fight Russia? Directly?

No. Their states and their civil societies are not in the necessary condition for it. All of th

em are flabby and helpless. Covid has confirmed that. With this clear threat, with human casualties in NATO countries already well over a million, the NATO mechanism has been shown to be meaningless. Yet this was a test of its ability to protect its peoples. But instead of protection and solidarity, we have seen mutual theft of masks, humiliating bickering over vaccines, and stoking anti-Russian fears even against Sputnik-V.

But America must contain Russia - with war if necessary.

So far, everything - including promises of support - looks like Ukraine is being sent to slaughter - against the Donbas. The blame for the war will be placed on Russia, and they are already talking in advance about "holding Russia accountable for the aggression" and so on. And then come new sanctions and so on. This is the plan in America now. Ukraine in the plan is only consumables for ignition.