Ukraine's planned offensive against the Donbas

After Kiev has de facto said goodbye to the Minsk Agreement, which it never kept anyway, and the Western media have completely concealed the developments of the last three months, the people in the West are now to be sworn in by the media to the coming escalation in the Donbass. The blame for what is soon to come is already being placed on Russia in advance. Biden love war games!

Ukraine's planned offensive against the Donbas
Donbas War

The U.S. has intervened and hardly a day goes by without a U.S. official talking about "Russian aggression." The fact that it will indeed "start" soon can be seen from the fact that since April 2, the German "quality media" have also rediscovered Ukraine as a topic. Of course, German readers do not learn anything about the developments since the beginning of the year. Instead, Der Spiegel uncritically quotes the statements of the USA. It thus takes the U.S. propaganda and passes it on, as desired, to the German audience, which is now apparently to be prepared for the fact that Russia will soon launch an alleged attack on Ukraine.

The Spiegel write about this case:

"Russia has reinforced its troops along the Ukrainian border, and Kiev speaks of a "threatening atmosphere." Now the U.S. is intervening in the conflict - with clear words toward the Kremlin."

Whether there is Russian troop deployment, no one knows. Kiev claims so, but not even the U.S. confirms it, as you can then see later in the article:

"Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy had previously stated that Russia had increased its troop presence on the border with Ukraine. He said that Moscow wanted to create a "threatening atmosphere" as a result. Ukrainian military intelligence accused the Russian army of seeking to expand its presence in the rebel-held Donetsk and Luhansk regions."

As shown earlier, the U.S. is relying on information from Kiev. Yet the U.S. has spy satellites and would have to see Russian troop movements for itself and report its own findings accordingly. Washington, however, does not speak of its own findings; instead, it cites Kiev.

But even if Russia were to move troops there, it is its right to move troops in its own country, or does the U.S. ask anyone for permission when it moves troops at home? In addition, any country would move troops to its border if there was a war going on or even threatened on the other side of the border. Whether Russia has actually moved troops is not known, but the Russians would have every reason to secure their border more strongly because of the situation in the Donbass.

That the U.S. might take a chance on a war against Russia is possible, as this quote from the Spiegel article shows:

"U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin spoke on the phone with his Ukrainian counterpart Andrei Taran, according to Kiev. Austin had assured that Washington would not leave Ukraine alone 'in the event of escalating Russian aggression,' the Ukrainian defense minister announced."

And just how one-sided Spiegel's propaganda is here is shown by this paragraph:

"Moscow and Kiev had blamed each other this week for the recent increase in violence in the conflict in eastern Ukraine. According to Ukrainian figures, 20 soldiers have been killed and 57 others injured in attacks by pro-Russian rebels since the beginning of the year."

That sounds neutral, both blamed each other for the escalation, Spiegel cries. But it is not neutral at all, because Spiegel mentions only the alleged victims on Kiev's side, giving the impression that the rebels were firing unilaterally at the Ukrainian army.

Spiegel does not mention the victims on the Donbass side, where Ukrainian artillery is already firing on residential areas again and there are civilian victims. The fact that Ukraine has been firing more artillery again since January and that there are victims among the civilian population is not mentioned by Der Spiegel. It does not fit into the intended picture.

Likewise, Spiegel has consistently concealed from its readers the fact that the OSCE issued a report in November showing that 75 percent of the civilian casualties in the conflict in time

One should be really worried by this statement:

"According to reports from Kiev, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin pledged to his Ukrainian counterpart Andrei Taran in a phone call not to leave Ukraine alone "in the event of escalating Russian aggression.""

And a third Spiegel article on the same day
What the U.S. meant by saying they would not leave Ukraine alone could be read in another Spiegel article from the evening of the same day. Under the headline "Russian troop movements - Biden assures Ukraine of "unwavering support"" one could read:

"U.S. President Joe Biden has assured his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Selenskyj that he can count on America's "unwavering support" for the country's sovereignty and integrity. The two presidents held their first phone conversation Friday since Biden took office in January. The White House, in a statement, accused Russia of "continued aggression" in the Donbass and Crimea."

Congratulations! Does this mean that the U.S. or NATO will intervene in the event of an escalation in the Donbass? Do they in the West really want with all their might a new big war in Europe, which might even become a nuclear war as a war between Nato and Russia?

In any case, the West is not only giving Kiev a free hand, the West is also vigorously cheering Kiev on in its preparations for war. And "quality media" like Der Spiegel support this by taking over the war propaganda from Washington and Kiev one-to-one in their articles without finding even one critical word or asking one of the many obvious questions.

And this works because the Spiegel reader does not know the whole back story with Kiev's escalation steps. It proves true once again: