Russia reacts to NATO troop deployment on the Russian border

Russian Defense Minister Shoigu has spoken in an official statement about the deployment of NATO troops on the Russian border and the Russian reaction.

Russia reacts to NATO troop deployment on the Russian border
Umka 2021

NATO has massively increased its activities on Russia's borders over the past year. The Mainstream media reported in February that in 2020, more than 4,000 NATO bombers and reconnaissance flights were active on the Russian border. In some cases, they even simulated firing cruise missiles at targets in Russia. And in February 2021, the U.S. deployed B-1B Lancer strategic nuclear bombers at the Norwegian airbase near Trondheim. None of these topics was reported on mainstream

Then there is the increased deployment of NATO forces on the Russian border in the Baltics and the increased deployment of U.S. ships in the Black Sea. And now "Defender 2021," the largest NATO maneuver since the Cold War, is beginning, in which NATO is moving another 40,000 troops to the Russian border and openly practicing war against Russia.

It is fascinating that in all this, the Western "quality media" nevertheless speak of alleged "Russian aggression" when Russia responds by reinforcing troops on the affected borders in its own country.

Russia tests army alert

Against this backdrop, the Russian defense minister has now announced extensive exercises by the Russian army to test the alertness of Russian troops. The exercises are already underway.

Continuing, Shoigu said the situation in the Arctic remains difficult. The United States and its allies are deploying ships and ground forces to the region and expanding their military infrastructure there. Russia, he said, will continue to strengthen its own Northern Fleet and equip it with modern equipment adapted to the harsh conditions of the north, as well as to conduct exercises and research projects.

As an example, the minister cited the "Umka-2021" maneuvers, an exercise in which three Russian nuclear submarines simultaneously surfaced in the Arctic Ocean at the North Pole and broke through the Arctic ice. Such an operation has never been conducted by the U.S., the Soviet Union, or Russia, Sergei Shoigu said.

NATO is also moving troops to the Black Sea and Baltic Sea regions. 40,000 troops and 15,000 combat vehicles are already concentrated near Russia's borders, he said. NATO conducts about 40 maneuvers a year, which have a clear anti-Russian orientation, Shoigu added. About the Russian response, the minister also said:

"In response to the alliance's military activities threatening Russia, we have taken appropriate measures. An unannounced review of the combat readiness of the troops of the Western and Southern Military Districts was carried out as part of control measures and training sessions. Within three weeks, two armies and three units of the Air Force were successfully deployed to maneuver areas on the western borders of the Russian Federation. The troops have shown full readiness and capability to perform their tasks to ensure the military security of the country. Currently, these formations are involved in the maneuvers."

Poland violates Belarusian airspace

In addition, the Belarusian Defense Ministry reported today that an unidentified aircraft entered Belarusian airspace on the evening of April 12, coming from Poland. The aircraft then turned around and returned to EU airspace. In response, the military attaché of the Polish Embassy in Minsk was summoned to the Ministry of Defense. He was asked to clarify the incident and inform Belarus of the results.

But do not forget: Russia is behaving aggressively!?!?!?!