Putin respond on Bidens insolent and malicious speech

How can a president who locks children in cages, introduces inhumane prices for essential medicines, has always been known to enjoy warfare, and is heavily involved in child abuse and corruption, call a Mr Putin soulless and a murderer? Biden is a shame for the so pretty United States, and we still can´t and want believe he can do what a president of the United States should do. What a shame

Putin respond on Bidens insolent and malicious speech
Putin respond to biden

Putin replies to Biden: "Stay healthy".

U.S. President Biden called Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin a "killer" in an interview. The latter's reaction to this was surprising.

Moscow. U.S. President Joe Biden's sharp remarks about Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin have caused widespread horror in Russia, but also received partial encouragement abroad. In an interview, Biden had answered in the affirmative the question of whether Putin was a "killer." The 68-year-old Putin responded Thursday by alluding to the age of his U.S. colleague, who is ten years his senior. "Stay healthy! I wish him good health," Putin replied during a video call Thursday when asked what he thought of Biden's remarks. And he went further, accusing the U.S. of killing blacks and Native Americans.

The Russian president said that Biden should look in the mirror. He accused the U.S. of "genocide against Indian tribes" and extermination of blacks, referring to its history. "The United States is the only country on earth that has dropped a nuclear weapon - on a country without nuclear weapons at that: against Japan at the end of World War II, against Hiroshima and Nagasaki." There was no military reason for this, he said. "This was the direct extermination of the civilian population," Putin said.

The Kremlin had previously called Biden's remarks about Putin "very bad." "Of course, there has never been anything like this in history," Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

Biden had also told in the interview with the ABC channel when asked that he had once openly told Putin during a meeting in the past that he thought he was soulless. "I was alone with him in his office." He said he looked Putin in the eye and said, "I don't think you have a soul." I remember Hillary tell Word by Word the same, what a shame. Putin, he said, looked at him and replied, "We understand each other."

Biden, referring to his long past as U.S. vice president and senator, said he has dealt with many foreign heads of government in his career. It's important to know the other person, he said. And he knows Putin pretty well.

As for Putin's counter to the interview, the White House made only terse comments - without taking the verbal spat any further. Biden's spokeswoman Jen Psaki said of Putin's accusations, referring to U.S. history, that Biden believes "honest self-reflection" (WHAT??) is one of the great strengths of the United States. There is always more to do and to improve in his own country, he said.

Psaki generally emphasized that the opinions of Putin and Biden differed on many issues. However, they agreed that both countries should cooperate in areas of common interest. Diplomacy is the first priority for the United States, he said. The U.S. president, however, would not hold back on concerns about certain issues, "be it with words or actions." Asked if Biden regretted his "killer" statement, Psaki said, "No. The president gave a clear answer to a clear question."

Backing for Biden came from the EU, which gave Putin political responsibility for assassinations in Russia. "There is, unfortunately, a long list of failed and successful assassinations against critical and independent figures in Russia, including politicians and journalists," said a spokeswoman for EU foreign affairs envoy Josep Borrell. "You know that Vladimir Putin, as president of the Russian Federation, bears ultimate responsibility for Russian authorities, policies, and actions." He said many cases remain uninvestigated, unsolved, and perpetrators are not held accountable. In two cases, he said, the EU imposed sanctions.

Putin proposes talks to Biden
German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas would not comment on Biden's remarks. (What a Shame) However, he made it clear that he was not surprised by the harsh criticism of Putin. Since the new U.S. president took office, he said, it had been clear to him "that there would be clear language in Washington after Russia." But he said it was just as clear to him that when it came to the major global challenges, "we have to focus on dialogue and understanding." That, he said, is what the U.S. has demonstrated in extending the New Start disarmament treaty with Russia.

Putin, too, said that Russia was committed to working together

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