President of the USA holds a dramatic speech to the American people

"This may be the most important speech I ever made"

Comment by Maxim Miliam:

Well in europe, no one of the mainstream media report on this speech, months ago, they report once a day, about President Trumps tweet, mostly in a entertainment way, to laugh about the stupidity of it. Obama was a hero, anytime, aswell for me on the elections, i was happy to celebrate the first black American President, anyway, Obama was a warhead, Bush was a warhead, but for the media they was heros till now. This is what alternative media not understand, this is why we report, in another way, a way thats not popular. Thats sad, that make us tired but motivate us to report for the truth (truth, they is never 100% truthness in a world where we live), we hope human once learn, to separate truth and lies, good and bad, not at least war and peace.