Hunter Biden´s book of secret

Mr "High-value specialist" Hunter Biden began his career in 1996 at a holding company that happened to be the primary sponsor of his father's election campaigns. Two years later, Hunter Biden became vice president there. In his recently published book, he writes a lot about his alcohol and drug addictions and how he overcame them. However, there are large gaps in the autobiography, which were filled by Daily Mail journalists who studied the files from the laptop he gave for repair and then forgot about

Hunter Biden´s book of secret
Hunter Biden scandals, book

During his crashes, Hunter Biden spent tens of thousands of dollars on strippers and prostitutes, filmed home porn, which also involved a dog unwillingly. All this, of course, does not fit the image of a model presidential family of decent Catholics. So again the faithful media came to the rescue. 

"When asked in various interviews whose laptop it was, you said you didn't know. That's hard to believe if you haven't read your book. And when you read it, you think: It's amazing he didn't forget to put on shoes."

"I changed. The problem was the pants," Biden Jr. said, and the audience in the studio laughed. "I really don't. I think I have the right to question anything that has come off Rudy Giuliani's desk." 

The light, humorous interview on ABC was in stark contrast to the scandalous contents of the laptop and the way the same media treated the offspring of another presidential family, Trump's. His sister-in-law speaks of obvious double standards.

"If you had done one-hundredth of what Hunter did, you would have been locked up a long time ago. There's nothing to laugh at, that double standard exists."

"The story of Hunter Biden is horrible. How he jokes about missing pants, drugs, and prostitutes. You're the son of the president of the United States. When we were members of the president's family, we were considered representatives of every American citizen. That's not funny. It's embarrassing," Laura Trump said.

But among pro-Democratic broadcasters, on the contrary, Hunter only got the highest score: "This is a book about addiction, about how many times Hunter Biden could have died. The president's son. It takes your breath away!"

At Fox, the moderators responded with the following dialogue:

"It takes your breath away? Now that's a book review. They should put that on the cover. And CNN has declared Hunter's story is a reflection of the soul of every American family. "

"If this is the American soul, then we desperately need an exorcist."

But the scandalous story, which should have permanently buried any candidate's presidential ambitions, didn't hurt Biden during the campaign or now. They tried to blame Russia again.

"When the New York Post first broke the story about Hunter's laptop, remember what happened? All the pro-Democratic media, like fireworks on Christmas Day, screamed in unison: Ban it! The story was so hot that the media abruptly lost interest in it, blocked the articles, and experts told that these were machinations of Russia. And it worked," Fox noted.