First delivery with new helicopter engine / Turkey

Turboshaft helicopter engine TS1400 developed by TEI was delivered.

Turkey's center of aviation engines, TEI has scored a new success.

TEI has developed 10 engines in the last 7 years. TEI has completed the first national helicopter engines in Turkey.

TEI delivered the first prototype delivery of the TS1400 turboshaft engine earlier than expected.

Efforts were also made to use the engine developed for Gökbey with the Atak helicopter. For this, the engine-gearbox configuration has been changed to suit the Atak helicopter.

TS1400 as the development of the domestic Turkey, jumped an important threshold in engine technology. This engine with Turkey; Romania has made it to the Champions League in the aviation engine industry, which includes Germany, England and France from the Ukrainian class.

TS1400 engine developed by TEI will be delivered to TAI to be integrated into the Gökbey helicopter. The TAI engine will be placed in its place in the helicopter and the integration studies will begin.

The studies will continue depending on the harmony of the engine and helicopter. The tests that will start on the ground will be carried to the sky. Turkey will get rid of dependence on foreign engines with TS1400. TS1400 engine can produce 1660 horsepower.