CNN Fake News - Russian Tanks in Ukraine

CNN used a cover image for an article about the situation in Ukraine that was meant to suggest to readers that trains carrying Russian tanks were rolling up to the Ukrainian border. The problem was that the picture actually showed Ukrainian tanks being transported on trains to the Donbass. Maria Zakharova, the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, made the case public on Facebook, writing:

CNN Fake News - Russian Tanks in Ukraine
maria zahkarowa cnn fake news

"Dear CNN and your friendly team. We understand that you do not have time to check facts because you are so busy with the ideological struggle for the victory of liberalism. But surely not so much that you have to pass off Ukrainian tanks at a Ukrainian train station with Ukrainian train cars in the background as Russia's preparation for war.

Maybe your correspondents in Moscow should spend less time participating in public life in our country (they have their own state for that, and we do just fine on our own) and a little more time devoted to their profession. Because this is just indecent."

Ms. Zakharova posted a screenshot of the CNN article in response.

On the cover photo, the Ukrainian train cars are clearly visible, as shown by the enlargement that Ms. Zakharova also posted.

CNN reacted and quietly replaced the cover photo, of course without informing viewers and readers about the "mistake."

One always feels well-informed with the "quality media" of the West, after all.

Well Done, what would Donald Trump tell?

By the way, he would tell aswell